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  • Masterclass

    Click here to watch my free masterclass on building a strong commercial strategy.

    In this Masterclass I explain how you can build a strong commercial strategy in 10 easy steps. You will:

    • work on refining your commercial strategy with clarity, structure, and focus
    • be guided through each step with theory, a practical example, and a core question to reflect on
    • gain a clearer perspective on your idea’s potential
    • develop a stronger grasp on the areas for future growth

  • Coaching

    100-Day Growth Program  Investment: €5K for entrepreneurs with <€1M revenues and €7.5K for entrepreneurs with >€1M revenues



    Assessment of where you are and where you want to go to


    Strategy meetings

    1 hour

    1x per week


    Execution check-ins

    15 minutes

    2x per week


    Next steps

    Growth recommendations for next year (after program)

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    Curated content on Entrepreneurship, Personal Growth & Spirituality

    This week's question is asked to you by curiosity experts Anna Willems & Eveline Smeets. Anna and Eveline are considered as one of the leading experts in the field of curiosity. They are the inventors of the CQ-test, the younger sister of the well-known IQ and EQ tests. With The Curious...
    This week's question is asked to you by travel & accessibility entrepeneur Neha Arora. She is Founder of Planet Abled, a travel company based in Delhi providing travel solutions to people with disabilities and the elderly. It has been recognized as one of the social innovators in the travel...
    This week's question is asked to you by philosopher & tantra entrepeneur Sjors Boelaars. He is Founder of  Tara Academy, academy for tantric practice, breathwork and meditation. After his masters in philosophy Sjors became a captain on ocean-going sailing yachts, started a good food company,...
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