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What can inclusion do for you?

This week's question is asked to you by travel & accessibility entrepeneur Neha Arora.

She is Founder of Planet Abled, a travel company based in Delhi providing travel solutions to people with disabilities and the elderly. It has been recognized as one of the social innovators in the travel space by Forbes.

Born to parents with disabilities and the personal challenging experiences faced, she realized a huge gap existed in society. Because when it came to people with disabilities indulging in travel, no avenues were available.

Neha has received numerous awards for her innovative work from organizations such as the United Nations, the Global Good Fund Fellowship and the World Tourism Forum Lucerne.

In this edition you will find out that leaders such as former US President Barack Obama and Microsost CEO Satya Nadella care about inclusion.

But what does inclusion mean to you? As an individual, as a business or as a consumer? Have you ever interacted with a person with disability closely or are you one yourself? Inclusion and accessibility is not a privilege but a basic human right. Where we include everyone irrespective of disability, race, gender, sexual orientation, medical condition or any other need. We all are unique human beings with unique human traits. It is imperative that to be a sustainable society needs of everyone are being met without any prejudice or discrimination.

Tip 1: Diversity impacts your bottom line. Take a stand, make your advisory board inclusive and cultivate diverse relationships. Read 3 strategies to create more inclusion in business for inspiration.

Tip 2: As a first step make sure your business website and mobile application is accessible for everyone. You can make sure to comply with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines.

Tip 3: Your leadership is as diverse as it can be. Remember representation matters. Make disability your board agenda. Check The Valuable 500 for more inspiration.

Tip 4: Make sure your products and services are inclusive of all types of customers. According to Global Economics of Disability Report together with their friends and family, this group has a spending power of $8 trillion.Its just good business and you do not want to miss out on that.

Neha's is a challenger story of breaking barriers and empowering lives. Her quest for making this planet more abled has given wings to a lot of dreams and enabled people with disabilities to explore the wonders that travel can bring.

Eager to learn more about inclusion? Check out the links below:

  • Film: Watch the film Come as you areThree men with disabilities take a road trip to lose their virginity at a special needs brothel in Montreal.
  • Film:Watch the film El límite infinito. From early struggles to his climb up the Himalayas, Jean Maggi gets profiled in this documentary that highlights his advancement of adaptive sports.

Keep on growing,

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