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What can growth hacking do for you?

This week's question is offered to you by Sabine de Zeeuw (Founder Growth for Good // A Growth Tribe initiative)

If you’re an entrepreneur Growth Hacking is something you can't ignore. We have entered a new era where walls between data analysis, coding and marketing have dissolved. An era where large marketing campaigns have been replaced by a mindset of smaller experiments and incremental testing. As Josh Elman says: 'We can’t just build great products anymore before we test if we can attract plenty of users. We need to learn from our data first and understand what elements in your products help you activate and retain users'.

Tip 1: Challenge yourself. Download a test-account on Usability Hub and perform a 5-second test on your Landing Page. Do people actually understand your CTA? You'll know within 30 min.

Tip 2: In order to start Growth Hacking you need a small but dedicated team. Learn more in this 12 minute video 'How to grow a Business Fast | Building a Team for Growth'.

Tip 3: 'Always be Learning'. Growth Tribe launches Free Webinars every month, like this one LinkedIn Masterclass by Jean Bonnenfant.

Eager to learn more about growth hacking? Check out the links below:

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P.S. 2 Next week, tantra entrepreneur & philosopher Sjors Boelaars (Founder Tara Academy) will share a coaching question with you on shadow work.

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