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To what extent are you aware of your shadow self?

This week's question is asked to you by philosopher & tantra entrepeneur Sjors Boelaars. He is Founder of  Tara Academy, academy for tantric practice, breathwork and meditation.

After his masters in philosophy Sjors became a captain on ocean-going sailing yachts, started a good food company, and experienced the highs of life until a burnout knocked on the door. In the following years he explored meditation, yoga and shamanistic traditions till he came on the tantric path. Sjors did a two year training in Non Dual Shaiva Tantra at the Centre for Tantra in Amsterdam and he receives teaching from Hareesh Christopher Wallis, one of the foremost living teachers on classical tantra teaching from the Kaula Trika lineage.

Do you see yourself snapping out to a loved one unexpectedly? Do you find yourself downing a bag of chips without knowing exactly why? Do you catch yourself telling a lie to a friend, just because you are ashamed of the truth? Do you work extensively? Do you please people out of fear they leave you? These are all your shadows at work.

You recognise some of these behaviors? Congratulations. This is the first and most important step in shadow work: becoming aware of them.

Tip 1: Watch this 11 min introduction to Shadow Work on How to integrate your Shadow (Carl Jung) by the Academy of Ideas.

Tip 2: Participate in a 6 week tantric transformation journey called Shadows & the Self. This online course is offered by Tara Academy, academy for tantric practice, breathwork and meditation.

Eager to learn more about shadow work? Check out the links below:

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P.S. 2 Next week, Indian entrepreneur Neha Arora (Founder Planet Abled), will share a coaching question with you on inclusion.

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