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To what extent are you aware of your breath?

This week's question is offered to you by Sjors Boelaars (Founder Tara Academy), Nanneke Landman and Koen Brinkgreve (Breath coaches)

One thing stays with you from the beginning to the end of your life: your breath. It's a subconscious process which you can influence consciously. When you influence the breath, you instantly influence your state of being and vice versa. Breathe to relax, breathe to energize, breathe for change, there are many ways to do it.

Tip 1: Watch the TED Talk of Max Strom named Breathe to heal. Breath boss Max teaches athlethes, top CEOs and prisoners how to deal with stress and breathing patterns for personal transformation. Why don't you take an 18-minute break to watch this video?

Tip 2: Attend the weekly online breathing sessions of Tara, academy for tantric practice, breathwork and meditation. Click here to attend the next online session on November 24 (donation based) led by Nanneke Landman & Koen Brinkgreve. Or click here join a live session on December 6.

Below you can find 3 articles with additional ideas on breathwork:

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P.S. 2 Next week, Beirem Ben Barrah (CEO of Neurofied), will share a coaching question with you on behavioural psychology and neuroscience.

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