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How conscious are you of your thinking patterns?

This week's question is offered to you by Beirem Ben Barrah (CEO Neurofied)

Most people’s minds are racing all day and many of these thoughts are recurring in patterns. Some of these patterns lead to irrational behaviour. In science, we mapped 200+ of these cognitive biases. Combining this knowledge with introspective awareness allows you to see these patterns and predict/change your own behaviour way better.

Tip 1: For some practical examples of these thought patterns, watch this 10-minute Youtube video. Which of these do you recognise in yourself?

Tip 2: Learn about the leading theory on decision-making: System 1&2. We wrote an article that will help anyone understand this complex theory.

The above two tips give you a basic understanding. Still want to learn more?

  • Podcast: Hear how Daniel Kahneman, the godfather of Behavioural Economics, explains his nobel-prize winning theory on how we make decisions.
  • Article: Dunning-Kruger Effect is one example of a bias that’s relevant for anyone to know. And you’ll recognise it every day ;)
  • Bonus article: Not on biases but a splendid example of how statistics and visuals can break our mental biases. Will also help you appreciate life.

Have a great day,

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P.S. 2 Next week, Sabine de Zeeuw (Founder Growth Tribe Growth for Good), will share a coaching question with you on growth hacking.

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